DEADLINE:  February 15, 2019, at midnight



The Scissortail Park Foundation seeks to commission a design for a limited-edition print to commemorate Scissortail Park’s inaugural year. The successful design will convey a sense of The Park’s natural beauty, playfulness, culture, community, fun, wonder and adventure while keeping in mind the Scissortail name and connection to the Scissortail Flycatcher bird. There is also an expectation for the design to help illustrate The Park’s trees and natural landscape.


Scissortail Park is an important project in the City of Oklahoma City’s MAPS 3 Program, a capital improvements program that uses a one-cent, limited-term sales tax to pay for debt-free projects that improve our quality of life.   The upper Park is 36 acres and will extend from the new Oklahoma City Boulevard south to Interstate 40 and from South Hudson Avenue east to South Robinson Avenue.   The lower Park is 34 acres and will extend from Interstate 40 south to the Oklahoma River.  The award-winning Skydance Bridge connects the two sections of the 70-acre park along with a series of vertical lighting elements that unify The Park’s design.  The Park will include everything from a café and sports facilities to a tranquil lake and nature walks.  The Scissortail Park Foundation will operate The Park and seeks to commission a design for a limited-edition print that may used as a donor thank you gift and on notecards, posters and other retail items to be sold at The Park.  The Foundation seeks to own 100% of the rights to the image.


This opportunity is open to all practicing artists at least 18 years of age maintaining legal residence in the State of Oklahoma.


The Scissortail Park Foundation Board of Directors will appoint a leadership team of individuals to make the selection.  Selection criteria includes:

  • Ability of the design to capture the true essence of The Park and to relate the possibilities for fun, connection and adventure.
  • Versatility of the design so that it be used and reproduced in many forms.
  • Other criteria as may be established by the Foundation’s Selection Committee.


  • Commission award is $2,000 upon successful negotiation of a contract between the Scissortail Park Foundation and the selected artist.
  • An exhibition of the artist’s work in The Park.
  • Two VIP passes for The Park’s grand opening celebration in September 2019 ($300 value).
  • Opportunity for additional publicity/exposure for the selected artist through videos, media interviews and lectures.


Artists interested in receiving more information prior to submission may attend a pre-submittal meeting to be held at 4:30 pm on December 4, 2019, at the Scissortail Park Foundation offices, 123 South Hudson.

Interested artists should submit a cover letter, current resume, and up to six images with information about each image that includes title, medium, dimensions, value and date completed.  The package should be a single pdf and emailed to by the EXTENDED submission deadline: February 15, 2019, at midnight.

The Selection Committee will review each interested artist and invite up to three artists to learn more about The Park and objectives and use of the design.  The three invited artists will be paid $250 each to cover all expenses and fees to produce a final concept and present to the Selection Committee.  Only one design may be selected for a negotiated contract with a commission award of $2,000.


February 15, 2019……….. EXTENDED DEADLINE for submissions (see submission instructions above)

March 1, 2019……….. Invitations issued for up to three artists

April 15, 2019………… Final concept presentations

May 1, 2019…………….. Final decision and contract



The Scissortail Park Foundation reserves the right to withdraw this artist opportunity at any time and for any or no reason.  Receipt of submissions by the Foundation or selection of an artist for purposes of negotiating a contract confers no rights to any artist nor obligates the Foundation in any manner.  The Foundation reserves the right at its sole discretion, and for any reason, to reject all submissions and not award any contract and to solicit additional or different submissions at a later time.  The Foundation incurs no obligation regarding this request for information, or any contract resulting there-from, until a contract is fully complete and documents properly submitted and executed by all parties.



If you have questions or need additional information, contact Stephanie J. Vogel, Director of Development, Scissortail Park Foundation, 301 West Reno, Oklahoma City, OK 73102.

405/445-6263 or