Babies on Board

Beautiful flowers, colorful bulbs, budding trees, and blooming shrubs may be taking center stage right now, but spring is also when our abundant wildlife return.

During visits to the Park you may see killdeer, Canadian geese, ducks, northern mockingbirds, collared doves, blue jays, red-winged black birds and house finches nesting in the trees and shrubs around the grounds.

There’s lots of chicks being born as well. Scissortail Park Ranger Nicholas Tate asks that, as tempting as it might be, please don’t feed our wildlife, particularly the water fowl. Their chicks have a hard time developing properly if they are fed human food. Nutrients provided naturally from the surrounding environment are much better for them to eat as they grow.

You might also notice that a killdeer may look like its wing is broken. But it’s all a façade! These birds do this when they believe their nest is in danger to keep predators away.

We look forward to seeing all of the momma’s leading their babies around later this spring.

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