Arboretum Collection

Tree List Acer truncatum Celtis occidentalis Cercis texensis Cotinus cogigryia Cupressus arizonica Diospyros virginiana Gymnocladus dioicus Ilex decidua Ilex vomitoria Juniperus virgininana Koelreuteria panniculata Lagerstromia indica Liquidamber styraciflua Maclura pomifera Magnolia grandiflora Magnolia Litte Gem Magnollia x soulangiana Malus spp. Nyssa sylvatica Pinus taeda Pistachia chinensis Platanus X acerifolia Prunus mexicana Quecus stellata Quercus accutisima […]

Tours & Programs

FREE Silver Flyer Tours Making the Park accessible for everyone! Free golf cart tours for any guests who have limited mobility and are not able to walk our beautiful Park.  The free, 20-minute tours begin at Union Station. Schedule your tour today. See below for more details. Learn More Scissortail ParkABC Walk Look for different natural objects […]

Recreations & Activities

Scissortail Boathouse HoursFriday – Sunday | 12 – 8pm Prices$15 per pedal boat or canoe for 30 minutes Scissortail Park Members get one FREE boat rental per visit!Join today at Learn More Scissortail Park Members skate FREE! Become a member today at or purchase at the Sky Rink ticket office. GENERAL ADMISSION$8 admission (includes quad skates) […]

Camino de ABC en El Parque

Scissortail Park Camino de ABC Busque diferentes objetos naturales para cada letra del alfabeto en Scissortail Park. Asegúrese de tomar fotografías de cada objeto e incluso publicarlas en Facebook o Instagram.  Use hashtags: #scissortailpark #abcinokc A Acebo Ilex B Bellota Quercus C Conejo Oryctolagus cuniculus D Delphinium Larkspur E Enebro Juniperus chinensis F Fósil en […]

ABC Walk in the Park

Scissortail ParkABC Walk Look for different natural objects for each letter of the alphabet throughout Scissortail Park. Be sure to take pictures of each object and even post them on Facebook or Instagram.  Use hashtags: #scissortailpark #abcinokc A Animal TracksSpoor B Burr Oak AcornQuercus macrocarpa C Cedar Waxwings Bombycilla cedrorum D Ducks, MallardAnas platyrhynchos E EggsAvis […]

Lower Park Progress

Scissortail Park is in the heart of a revitalized downtown Oklahoma City. Funded by MAPS3, the public green space provides a healthy and vibrant quality of life for our city while serving as an investment in the future for everyone. Every detail of the Park is designed for connection – with nature, neighbors and ourselves. […]

Silver Flyer Tours

FREE Golf Cart Tours Enjoy a free, 45-60 minute golf cart tour around the 70-acre Scissortail Park. The Silver Flyer was designed for guests with limited mobility, but all guests are welcome to book and enjoy the services.  Tours are offered for free, but donations to Scissortail Park Foundation are greatly appreciated. Tours are available […]


SPARK Burgers | Bites | Cold Delights Store HoursSunday – Saturday11am – 10pm SPARK Menu


Delicious and Scenic Places to Eat at the Park We’ve got you covered with plenty of places to grab a bite to eat while enjoying your visit at Scissortail Park! SPARK BURGERS | BITES | COLD DELIGHTS Located along Oklahoma City Boulevard, SPARK enjoys scenic views of the downtown skyline and the beautiful Gaylord Family […]

Social Media Community Guidelines

Social Media Community Guidelines Scissortail Park is a 70-acre public space created from funds generated by MAPS 3, a capital improvement program in Oklahoma City that uses a one-cent, limited term sales tax to pay for debt-free projects that improve the community’s quality of life. The Park is managed by the Scissortail Park Foundation under […]

Getting Here

Directions Parking On-Street or Metered Parking Available along S. Hudson, OKC Boulevard, and S. Robinson adjacent to Scissortail Park. Metered spaces have a 2-hour max limit. Visit for rates and hours of enforcement. Parking Garages Four are nearby at $2/hr. or $10/day: Oklahoma City Convention Center Garage15 SW 4th St – enter off of […]