The Art of Beekeeping at Scissortail Park!

BEES ARE A VERY VALUABLE RESOURCE! One of the most important Scissortail Park goals is to teach the community about Beekeeping. But, Why? Because commercial production of 90 different crops rely on bee pollination! Without these hard working pollinators, we would not have apples, almonds, melons, or honey. We are trying to do our part […]

New Bees at the Park!

Why bees are so important?     Bees are well-known for their role in providing high-quality food (honey, royal jelly and pollen) and other products used in healthcare and other sectors (beeswax, propolis, honey bee venom). But the work of the bees involves much more! The greatest contribution of bees is the pollination of nearly three […]

Green Collar Careers

Whether you are interested in art, business, education, science, or technology, a career in horticulture might be worth considering. Making an impact in the world of plants involves a lot. There are more than 140 career options to choose from when looking across the horticultural spectrum.   Seed Your Future is a movement to promote horticulture […]

The Floral Heart Project

The Floral Heart Project, a COVID-19 memorial effort, will lay floral hearts in cities and towns across the United States in conjunction with a National Day of Mourning effort Monday, March 1. In Oklahoma City, floral hearts will be displayed at Scissortail Park and Myriad Botanical Gardens to honor the more than 4,000 Oklahomans who […]

Taking Flight: Light as a Feather

New sculpture design lifts off “Taking Flight: Light as a Feather” is a 31-foot-high, 14,000-pound sculpture resembling a feather floating to the ground that is scheduled to be installed by summer 2022. Designed by artists Lesley Chang and Jason Klimoski, the sculpture also includes 276 integrated fiber optics with LED lamps to illuminate the piece […]

Make Your Mark at Scissortail Park this Holiday Season, New Year, and Beyond

A commemorative bench plaque is a wonderful way to celebrate a special occasion, leave a legacy in memory or honor of someone special, or give as a gift. A personalized message, quote or name may be selected for the weather-resistant plaque which is installed prominently on the bench or seating area.  Not only is this […]

‘Tis the Season at Scissortail Park

‘Tis the Season at Scissortail Park To sparkle, to shine, to sip, to dine; To shop, to sing, to wonder, to ring! An all-new light show, decorations, a holiday market, music, an early-bird New Year’s Eve celebration, and more are set to debut this holiday season at Scissortail Park. Visitors can enjoy the festive ambiance […]

OKC Leaders Break Ground on Scissortail Park’s Lower Park

Construction is under way on Scissortail Park’s 30-acre Lower Park in the heart of Oklahoma City, as civic leaders broke ground on the project Friday. “Scissortail Park attracts thousands of residents and visitors alike to enjoy concerts, festivals, farmer’s markets and even roller skating. It’s been an outdoor oasis during a challenging year,” said Mayor […]

Rollin’ With the Cool Kids

What does Oklahoma City have in common with Venice Beach, Peachtree City, Washington D.C., Brooklyn, and Cincinnati? At first glance you might think not a whole lot. But we have joined the ranks of hotspot cities for outdoor roller skating and rinks. At a time when we are looking for fun things to do outside […]

Adventure Road features Scissortail Park

New on the Adventure Road blog: An Introduction to Scissortail Park! Adventure Road shares some of their favorite activities and places to chill while visiting one of the newest Adventure Road travel partners.⁠⠀⁠⠀Read all about this downtown OKC urban oasis here: Visit Adventure Road #MyAdventureRoad

Oklahoma City’s MAPS 3 Scissortail Park earns national and regional engineering awards

There is already cause for celebration at Scissortail Park, even though its first birthday is about two months away. The park, a crown jewel of Oklahoma City’s MAPS 3 program, earned national and regional engineering awards this month. “These awards are more evidence of how proud Oklahoma City residents should be of Scissortail Park,” said MAPS Program Manager […]

Union Station celebrates anniversary

THIS DAY IN HISTORY  On July 15, 1931, Oklahoma City Union Station Depot opened. The station served OKC from 1931 until 1967. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1979.  We’re so excited to have this beautiful building at Scissortail Park, and we’re looking forward to its upcoming renovation! Take a […]