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Mitchell’s Shade For Everyone Community Tree Giveaway

Mitchell’s Shade For Everyone
Community Tree Giveaway
Saturday, April 13 | 9am | Union Station
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Scissortail Park’s Mitchell’s Shade tree giveaway is made possible by the vision and generous support of Melanie and John Burn. The Burns family established Mitchell’s Shade Endowment to fund an annual tree giveaway in honor and memory of their son Mitchell.

Mitchell Burns loved shade trees and parks. As a member of the Youth Leadership Exchange in his junior year of high school, Mitchell worked with local city government officials on the creation of Scissortail Park in downtown OKC. The Burns family, and indeed the world, lost Mitchell’s bright joyful light far too early. His loving family could think of no better way to honor his legacy than to establish Mitchell’s Shade, a community program designed to bring people together to celebrate life, honor a loved one, and put a bit of color, shade and oxygen back into our world through a tree giveaway at Scissortail Park.

The tree giveaway is in loving memory of John Mitchell Burns (May 10, 1996 – June 23, 2023), a lover of parks, a friend to the forgotten, a champion of all mankind.

Scissortail Park extends its warmest thanks to the Burns family for their vision and support of an event that honors their son and, over time, will help create canopies of beauty and shade throughout Oklahoma City.

Please consider a donation, of any size, to Mitchell’s Shade Endowment below. Your support will further increase the number of trees  given away each year to green and shade all neighborhoods throughout Oklahoma City.

Scissortail Park Foundation – Mitchell’s Shade Endowment Fund (fcsuite.com)

Community Tree Giveaway Details:

  • Giveaway starts at 9am on Saturday, April 13, 2024.
  • Line forms at the tent located on the sidewalk west of Union Station (near S. Hudson and SW 7th St.) and will extend north on the sidewalk along S. Hudson Avenue.
  • Trees available while supplies last.
  • One (1) tree per adult.
  • FREE Mitchell’s Shade T-shirts available while supplies last.
  • Must be present on Saturday, April 13 to pick up tree. 
  • Donations accepted on site.
  • Event Rain Date: Saturday, April 20 at 9am.


  • The line to receive a tree forms on the sidewalk west of Union Station close to S. Hudson Avenue and SW 7th Street. The line will extend north on the sidewalk along S. Hudson Avenue. 
  • At 9am each adult in line who would like a tree will receive a ticket. One tree per adult. This ticket will be exchanged at the Check-In Tent/Table for a Tree Voucher. Please have an idea which type of tree you would like from the list on our website at scissortailpark.org/mitchellshade
  • Tickets will only be given to adults who are in line starting at 9am. Extra tickets will not be given to people holding spots for others. Please do not leave the line before exchanging your ticket at the Check-In Tent/Table or you will lose your place in line.
  • Once the pre-counted tickets are distributed, we will close the line. Trees are only available while supplies last.
  • We have limited free parking available in the gravel lot across from Union Station.
  • A “Will Call” Tent will be set up in the west parking lot at Union Station if you do not want to carry your tree to your car. You can leave your tree with an attendant and bring your car through the parking lot to pick it up.  

TREES AVAILABLE (while supplies last)

Small Trees: 10′ – 25′

Crape Myrtle, Catawba
(Lagerstroemia indica ‘Catawba’)

Crape Myrtle, Country Road
(Lagerstroemia indica, ‘Country Road’)

Crape Myrtle, Natchez - Mature Height 15 to 25 feet - Mature Width 10 to 15 feet

Crape Myrtle, Natchez
(Lagerstroemia ‘Natchez’)

Chaste Tree - Mature Height 10 to 15 feet - Mature Width 10 to 15 feet

Chaste Tree
(Vitex agnus-castus)

Nellie R. Stevens Holly
(Ilex x ‘Nellie R. Stevens’)

Sweetbay Magnolia
(Magnolia virginiana)

Winged Sumac (Seedling)
(Rhus copallinum)

Medium Trees: 25′ – 40′

Redbud - Mature Height 20 to 30 feet - Mature Width 10 to 20 feet

Eastern Redbud
(Cercis canadensis)

Large Trees: 40′ plus 

Bald Cypress - Mature Height 50 to 70 feet - Mature Width 20 to 30 feet

Bald Cypress
(Taxodium distichum)

Bur Oak (Seedling)
(Quercus macrocarpa

Drummond Red Maple - Mature Height 40 to 60 feet - Mature Width 40 to 60 feet

Drummond Red Maple
(Acer rubrum var. drummondii)

Loblolly Pine
(Pinus taeda)

Ponderosa Pine (Seedling)
(Pinus ponderosa)

Post Oak (Seedling)
(Quercus stellata)

Sawtooth Oak
(Quercus acutissima)

Shumard Oak
(Quercus shumardii)

Southern Magnolia
(Magnolia grandiflora)

Weeping Willow
(Salix babylonica)

“The true meaning of life is to plant a tree under whose shade you do not expect to sit.”
 ~ Nelson Henderson

The event is finished.


Apr 13 2024


9:00 am


Union Station
300 SW 7th Street


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