Gingerbread Scavenger Hunt

Begin at The Perch at Scissortail Boathouse and follow the clues to find the different
Gingerbread people placed around the Park.

All of the Gingerbread people can be found as you walk in the Park.

Scroll Down for the First Clue

‘Tis the Season for holiday fun!

You’ve got your instructions, now you’re ready to run.

Follow the clues to find each Gingerbread man.

Then, return to The Perch just as fast as you can.


Begin the search where the puppies play.
In a place where they can run and frolic in the sun all day.

You’ll find the next clue when you reach the first place.

Have fun on your quest as you set your own pace.

There are 8 total Gingerbread characters to find on the south end of the Park.


Check off the Gingerbread characters as you find them below, then click the green button to get a special offer from The Perch!