OKC named top travel destination for 2020!

Travel+Leisure Magazine Says OKC is Top Travel Destination in 2020

We all know it but now the rest of the country does too. Oklahoma City is the best – as in THE best – place to travel in 2020. The editor-in-chief of Travel+Leisure Magazine, Jacqui Gifford, said just that on The Today Show this morning, recommending us because of our growing stature in art and culture. 

What’s that you say?

The magazine of all things travel compiles a list each year on trending places to pay a visit, and Oklahoma City is in the top spot to start off the new decade. Apparently, we’ve got it going on, especially downtown.

“You might not think of Oklahoma City as an arts destination, a cultural destination, but there’s a lot happening right now,” Gifford says.

Beautiful green space is a huge part of our appeal. The opening of the Park, combined with the beauty of our sister organization, Myriad Botanical Gardens, is a big draw. That, plus the new campus for Oklahoma Contemporary just a few blocks north of us, are among highlights of the must-sees, according to Gifford.

A big shout out to our friends at the Oklahoma City Convention & Visitor’s Bureau who helped us generate this kind of national attention. What a fantastic way to start the 2020’s.



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