Rescuing Birds is Simply Part of the Job

Ensuring safety and security for everyone is an essential duty of Scissortail Park rangers. Helping animals in distress is no different. When Laura Tone, sergeant and safety specialist, and Nick Tate, ranger, recently spotted a Pied-billed grebe struggling in the middle of the Park lake, they hopped into a pedal boat to come to its rescue.

Often mistaken for a duck, a grebe is more submarine than bird. These small brown species, common in this part of the country, are expert divers who rarely fly. The rangers noticed the bird was stuck on the lake surface and as they got closer, saw it was caught in a piece of plastic, sod netting. Safely freed, the grebe hung out for a bit and was then returned to the water.

“Part of our job is to rescue animals,” Nick said. “We just did what needed to be done.”

Call our rangers any time at 405-401-5886. They are there to help.

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