Hours + Operations

Help us keep Scissortail Park beautiful and serene for everyone. Here’s how you can help us do that.

By entering the Park you are agreeing to follow the rules and regulations, those posted within the Park, as well as the general rules below. We want everyone to enjoy their time at Scissortail Park. These rules and regulations will help us keep the Park looking beautiful and ensure the safety of our guests.

  • Park hours are 6am – 11pm.
  • The Children’s Playground is open from dawn to dusk each day.
  • Unauthorized motorized vehicles, including scooters, are strictly prohibited.
  • Dogs must be leashed at all times, unless they are in the Dog Park.
  • Glass bottles and containers are prohibited.
  • No fires, open flame, fireworks, or explosives.
  • No smoking, vaping, or use of any tobacco products.
  • Weapons of any kind are prohibited, except handguns as permitted by state law.
  • No soliciting. No verbal or written solicitations for money, donations, or distribution of printed materials without prior approval.
  • No unauthorized selling or promoting outside food, drinks, merchandise, or services.
  • No amplified music, except as permitted by staff.
  • If you recover an item that does not belong to you, please turn in the item to a staff member. If you have lost an item, you can call 405-445-6277 to see if anyone has turned it in.
  • No confetti, glitter, silly string, party poppers, or streamers allowed inside the Park.
  • Due to the lack of suitable mounting points, and to prevent injury incurred from swinging objects, piñata hanging or breaking activities are not permitted at the park.
  • The Park reserves the right to restrict the use of any equipment that is deemed unsafe or goes against the Park’s mission on Park grounds.
  • Non-reserve spaces are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • The Stage is open to the public to perform acoustically unless the space is reserved for public or private events.
  • Staff reserves the right to regulate performances.
  • No fishing or hunting.
  • No swimming of any kind in the Lake.
  • No releasing of pets or wildlife into the Park.
  • Do not feed the wildlife.
  • No hammocks or slacklines.
  • Leave flowers and plants for everyone to enjoy; please do not walk through the beds.
  • Do not collect, cut, or remove seeds, flowers, fruits, and vegetables, plant labels, etc.
  • Do not move or throw stones or other landscape elements.
  • No stakes allowed in the ground.
  • No outside boats, paddleboards, kayaks, etc., are allowed on the Lake.
  • Large or commercial photography and filming must be scheduled in advance with Staff, and a form is required.
  • The use of drones or unmanned aircraft is strictly prohibited unless a city permit is obtained.

The Lake will have rentals for pedal boats, kayaks, and stand-up paddleboards for both kids and adults. *A waiver is required for guests to participate in Lake activities, which includes the rules and requirements.*

Our Event Pavilion will soon be home to the seasonal roller skating rink. With plans to open in Spring 2020, the roller rink will be a place to rent both inline and quad skates. There will be lockers to utilize while you skate. *In order to skate, a person must sign a waiver and abide by the rules listed.*